Humans are driven by their current states seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Instant gratification is not a new principle. There has always been an underlying need for instant gratification in a given relevant context.

In the past hotels have been able to rely on delayed gratification where humans planned their travel in smaller and more manageable chunks.

Hotels were in a position where they could predict all the relevant numbers for any given period. They knew when, where, and how to hit the various campaigns that would attract existing markets and also tap into new uncontested markets.

New technology and tools did put the world at the fingertips of the modern traveler. This created a generation that learned there is an instant fix for every challenge.

Today waiting for a 24 – 48 hours service response is no longer good enough. Travelers want a response now preferably through a Social media channel or a chatbot.

With this shift, hotels are transforming from the hospitality industry towards the experience industry.

Is your hotel prepared to provide high-quality customer service responses at the speed of lightning?

The digital transformation of customer service

Today the digital transformation is driven by the customer. And through mobile technology that has access to any brand information at their fingertips.

Customers expect to find relevant instant content that fits the format of the device of their choosing.

And if they have questions about the content, they expect an instant response.

What does this mean for your hotel?

The customer uses their devices to connect and research every touchpoint to seek new unique pleasure.

Your hotel has to start to embrace value innovation and a positive growth mindset. This requires you to embrace new technology, tools, strategies, and techniques that are designed to achieve instant product differentiation and low cost.

Today we experience a customer service reformation that is driven by the customer.

Data shows us that today there is an 80% gap between HIGH and LOW customer satisfaction.

Why this huge gap?

The answer lays in hotel industries’ lack of attunement towards customers changing needs. Airbnb’s successful growth comes as a result of a brand that they were able to tune into these changing needs and design new unique experience offers tapping into uncontested markets.

The customer service process is now rapidly changing to react to new trends and digital channels.

The digital revolution has impacted customer behavior and patterns in ways that several brands have not been prepared for yet.

Through value innovation, we have to learn how to know the customer better than the customer knows.

The customer today expect more transparent and authentic customer service touchpoints.

Some research tells us that customers on average experience significantly less concern when buying goods and services than they did 5 years ago, but they are more inclined to complain when something goes wrong. (source: Deloitte)

And hotels need to take note and understand this is just the beginning of a new shift with next-generation customers.

Generation Y is extremely savvy with technology, they have very high expectations and larger disposable incomes. They have less time and are not loyal to brands.

Hotel Experience Ambassador is the solution for the future

Technology and efficient hotel operations by itself will not drive the return of investment that is required for a successful operation.

Every hotel’s objective still is going to be related to customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Customer service is becoming an integrated part of ongoing daily customer engagement processes.

It is no longer just the hotel that drives the customer service processes, it’s a dedicated community of experience ambassadors that drives it today.

Experience ambassadors are proactive and advise their community on relevant experience offers that will add unique value to relevant touchpoints.

A dedicated hotel experience ambassador acts as a partner for your hotel that has your best interest in a relevant digital community. Their goal is helping the hotel to nurture the community. Once the customers are in the dreaming phase, they will effectively drip relevant high-value content on your hotel’s behalf to trigger inspiration.

Today we see trends that tell us that by the end of 2020 customer experience will become the most important decision indicator when it comes to bookings. And the customer will compare a hotel experience with any great experiences they had with any brand.

In today’s, digital world, hotels must understand the entire customer journey and creatively apply the right technology at the right time to build greater customer engagement.

We are facing a cultural shift where thought leaders and brand advocates drive critical engagement processes. Hotel experience ambassador will become part of this community, and also learn to understand how the local community adds value to important touchpoints for the customer journey.

Hotels must have processes in place that nurture a strong digital community to help generate more customer insight and build on value innovation together with employees and guests.

Working with a Hotel Experience Ambassador

If you’re looking to improve your hotel’s customer’s journey and their overall digital customer experience to remain competitive, then read on for some easy wins you can make to take your customer’s level of satisfaction through the roof!

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