Colors and how they affect emotions come down to the science of psychology. Hotel design makes a huge effort in learning how to use certain colors to create emotional impacts on guests. It is ingenious.

Scientific research has revealed that color has a powerful psychological effect on people’s behavior and decisions making. This knowledge now has hotel designers and resort marketers alike being conscious of the type of shades they used for their branding, advertising, and logo designs.

Color can be the sole reason someone books a reservation or hotel. Also, a survey indicates that 93% of customers focus on visual appearance, and almost 85% claim color to be their primary reason for purchase!

Here are some tips on how your hotel can use color psychology to increase bookings.

Seeing is believing

Listening, caring, and connecting with a customer today is essential for building lasting relationships with customers.

Communication and call to action can easily be measured through engagement with your hotel’s team members and customers.

But not all micro-moments can be heard. For some elements, seeing is believing.

Booking decisions are formed by the visual aspect of the hotel brand.

The primary trigger here is color. We as human beings are fascinated by colors because they can convey emotions, messages, and ideas without saying a word.

Color psychology

Color can affect the emotional response of consumers to your brand, and drive as many as 60% of them to accept or reject a product. It also plays a huge role in building and establishing the brand’s visual identity, with 80% of consumers recognizing a brand by its colors.

Incorporating color psychology into the design elements of your website has the power to affect not just the mood and behavior of the visitors, but also the users’ perception of your hotel.

Restaurants and home kitchen retailers, for instance, use warm colors like red, orange, and yellow as they are, for some reason, known to stimulate the appetite. This is why both web designers and hotel marketers need to apply elements of color psychology to highlight the brand personality and drive customers into taking action.

Choose the ideal color scheme

When choosing the ideal color scheme for your website, consider your hotel’s price range and target demographic and the particular feelings or emotions you want to evoke. The right mix of neutrality and vibrancy may trigger a positive reaction from website visitors and influence them to explore your site’s features and special offers.

While it’s essential to use the right color combination for your website, the call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your webpage should always stand out. Buttons such as ‘Book now’ or ‘Make a reservation’ should be eye-catching enough to get people to click. Experts believe that using red, orange, or green on CTA buttons can generate more clicks and conversions since these colors are likely to stand out against most backgrounds.

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40 Facts about How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversion [Infographic]

To learn more exciting facts about the psychology of colors, check out the comprehensive infographic below created by the folks at DesignAdvisor.

40 Facts About How Psychology of Colors Can Boost Your Website Conversions #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

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To learn more exciting facts about the psychology of colors, check out the comprehensive infographic below created by the folks at DesignAdvisor.

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