Welcoming Hotel Lobby Designs

When decoration ideas fall short, hotel lobby designs need to be comfortable. A hotel, by definition, is someone’s home away from home for a night or two. Fit-out solutions in a hotel should fit the hospitality industry; a hotel makes guests comfortable.

Setting up the lobby to be comfortable and welcoming is the biggest thing that can help bring customers in and keep them coming on trip after trip. If the front desk is difficult to get to, not obvious, or in a troublesome spot, guests will not enjoy the stay.

The Front Desk

The front desk where everyone’s stay begins whether they reserve online, on the phone or in-person should be easy to access. Some chairs or a couple of couches for weary travelers to sit on and rest after they check-in (or if the line is long) will keep them from fussing.

Advertising in the lobby is not advised. If wall space is taken up by advertisements for the hotel or the chain, customers will feel pushed or pressured to stay at that hotel again. The decision to come again should not be based off a pressured feeling in the lobby. The lobby should begin the trip with a calm feeling.

That being said, decoration ideas for the lobby should be open. An open space keeps people from feeling overcrowded and cramped. For those who have a lot of luggage, an open and spacious lobby area is a relief for them. This means they don’t need to leave their luggage in their car and possibly run out of gas or run the battery down – a great thing not to do on vacation, whether it’s a rental car or the family car.

The open floor plan also allows easy access to the rooms. When the lobby closes off to a small, narrow hallway, it can be difficult for the guests to get through with multiple suitcases, let alone their family. Keeping the hall and lobby open with each other will help keep an air of comfort in the hotel. Since the lobby is where many guests will walk in with their luggage, it’s important to keep in mind where the rooms are in relationship to the lobby.

This being mentioned, keeping a large lobby can be difficult. Even small lobbies can be welcoming if the front desk is located in a convenient spot. If necessary, put the front desk slightly off to the side. Even if the front desk must be off to the side, the closer to the front door the better.

Don’t forget the color!

Let’s look at this retail fit-out in Sydney. Using colors that are soft, friendly, and trustworthy is a good way to make your customers feel welcome. While keeping in mind that there is no completely sound method for choosing colors for a brand, using a mix of tints and shades will help appeal to everyone. To stand out, choose colors that competition in the area doesn’t use. If the hotel across the street uses bright green and yellow while the hotel downtown uses blue and white, it’s probably better to use white and green or two different colors completely.

Hotel Front Desk Colors


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