Tech is invaluable when it comes to streamlining hospitality practices. This includes hospitality marketing. With the right approach toward tech applications, you can build a hospitality marketing strategy that makes effective use of the world of big data.

But hospitality marketers have to first face the challenges of successfully adopting big data. Finding the right tools to analyze and manage all your sources of information can be difficult, but with the right planning, you can develop a tech strategy that makes marketing easy.

Learn the potential of technology in hospitality marketing, then use the following strategies to streamline a data-driven approach to applying new technologies.

The Potential of Tech in Hospitality

There is hardly an industry these days that has not been fundamentally altered by tech. Even the most traditional of service and marketing tools have been honed by the availability of big data and everything it can do for businesses. Now, the vast amounts of customer information stored and collected on the internet are powering new devices, software, and analytical strategies.

The tech tools you have at your disposal for marketing a hotel effectively can help guarantee your success. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence, powerful advancements in technology allow for easy and automated data mining. As a result, your potential to assess your customers and prospective audiences has never been greater.

The world market value for smart hospitality tech is set to reach $12 billion by 2025. The growth of this sector is being driven by the powerful potential of new tools — especially when it comes to marketing. As many as 80% of customers now want and expect a personalized marketing experience. In the hospitality industry, this means getaways designed to meet the desires and resolve the challenges of your traveling audience. Without tech, these personalized experiences would be impossible.

The potential of tech in hospitality includes messaging that is targeted to a responsive audience, more secure platforms for protecting customer data, and an overall improvement in the way we assess marketing effectiveness. Explore new platforms for captivating an audience and streamline your marketing strategies with the power of technology.

How to Streamline Marketing with Tech

Marketing has always been something of a trial-and-error industry. Finding new audiences and then converting those audiences into customers requires careful examination of strategy effectiveness. Data is essential in this endeavor, as are the tools to harness the power of data safely for you and your customers.

Streamline your hospitality marketing strategies by applying tech solutions like the following:

Gather Data Insights

Because data is so vital no matter what tools and software you use, your first step in streamlining your marketing strategies should be to gather the most valuable data sources you can find.

Begin this process by setting clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business model. Company values and finances will be important determinants for what you track — from revenues to average guest count per day. Community portals and smart analytics for hotels can effectively track and demonstrate data trends in these areas.

Additionally, you’ll need online tools for measuring engagement with your marketing content online. Fortunately, doing so is easier than ever. With free and open analytics platforms like Google Analytics as well as insightful social media tools, hospitality professionals can gather the information they need to make more informed marketing decisions.

Tell a Human Story

Now that you’ve found the right platforms for collecting your data, you’ll need a method of analyzing and communicating that information. Artificial intelligence is breaking ground in this regard, with predictive models and data assessments built with the power of machine learning. The more data such a system is fed, the more it learns and improves.

You can apply these AI tools to your hospitality marketing strategies with the help of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Offerings like MonkeyLearn allow a business to assess unstructured data and train predictive models based on the information you have. These features can be instrumental in helping you communicate data in a human framework.

Empathy is a key aspect of selling any marketing strategy. An audience has to feel and believe the message of an ad for it to be very successful. Tech like AI helps connect important patterns so that a data-driven narrative forms almost on its own. With this, marketers can streamline a better message for a more carefully targeted audience.

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Secure your Business

The post-COVID-19 world is a feeding frenzy for cybercriminals looking to take advantage of compromised and outdated systems. With data privacy another pressing concern of travelers, your hotel business can enhance the viability of your marketing strategy with networks secured with cutting-edge tech.

Cloud computing, blockchain systems, and WiFi protections are all high-tech solutions that can revolutionize your hospitality business. These powerful tools employ AI and linked encryption techniques to secure data across a network.

By securing your systems and offering secure WiFi to guests, you can run an authentic marketing campaign on caring about guest data privacy.

Future-Focused Marketing

Technology is the key to marketing built for the future. In today’s competitive digital world, every hospitality business is fighting for a chance at the spotlight. Streamline your marketing strategies through data and tech solutions like cloud data services and cybersecurity protections. As a result, you can ensure guest attention and loyalty as digital marketing continues to grow in importance.


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